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Dog Park


Well, here we are on the way to the dog park about a week ago (Feb. 26th to be exact).

The dogs look anxious.

Here’s a shot I tried to take of Fable standing behind me in the MINI Cooper.:


Trisha The Destructive Force

Trisha is a canine. What kind of canine we don’t know for sure, but the best bet is some Labrador Retriever and something else. German Shepherd Dog perhaps, although that may just be wishful thinking as we fondly recall our Roxanne and Holly. (Roxanne and Holly are the terrific GSD’s that we owned until their recent deaths.)

Trisha has separation anxiety. Badly.
We have moved her from her plastic mostly-enclosed crate to a wire-mesh cage. The cage was then moved from our dining room to our bedroom upstairs. This was done on the advice of a dog trainer that we hired to give us a brief mini-seminar on dealing with separation anxiety.

Yesterday, Trisha apparently knocked over the cage! From the inside. The cage door (now more of a drawbridge) came open, and she was free. Wow. Truly a force.