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Interesting Websites May-2013

This is a collection of interesting and useful websites for iOS development, as well as some more general technical stuff.



If you deal with REST APIs, this is some pretty neat stuff:


Tons of numerical datasets. Not sure what I’m going to do with this, but I feel like I should come up with something:

Xcode Tools

XCode Package Manager

An easy way to manage adding packages that modify and improve Xcode.

Snippet Editing

This is a nice tool to let you edit your Xcode snippets.


If you are looking to document some Objective-C classes or frameworks you’ve created, this is a very easy way to generate documentation that looks like Apple’s. This tool can also create documents that will integrate nicely with Xcode as well.


Objective-C Features

Wondering when a certain feature was available in Objective-C? Wonder no more!

Classes, Frameworks, and Libraries


This makes networking so much easier it has to be see to be believed. There are many large and serious iOS apps and products that make use of this class!

Core Data

Handy Classes

This is a collection of very handy-looking classes for iOS development.

Sliding side-panels


Filter arrays with blocks

Numeric Entry