My Various Public Software Projects


Xcode Tools – Various tools written to support Xcode development. Nothing too amazing, but things I’ve found useful in my Xcode projects for iOS and the Mac.


Arduino XBee – An intentionally simple library to talk to XBee modem from an Arduino. This took a deliberate approach of not wrapping everything in C++ accessors and mutators, but instead providing more ‘C’-like direct access.

Cosmac 1802 Microprocessor

Cosmac 1802 Assembler – This is a simple 1802 Assembler written in Python

Cosmac 1802 Membership Card Loader – This is an Arduino program and a Python host program that are used to download code to the 1802-based Membership Card.

Cosmac 1802 Emulator – This is a rough, work-in-progress 1802 emulator written in Objective-C and ‘C’ on the Mac.

Nova Editor Extension – This is a very basic Cosmac editor extension for the Nove editor from Panic Inc.


EV3 Lua – Unfinished Lua bindings for the Mindstorms ev3dev system. Includes extensive Lua environment written in C++.

Lua Webserver – Very simple web server written in Lua.


EPROM Image Module – A Python module used to facilitate making an EPROM binary image. Used by my Cosmac 1802 assembler. Depends on the bincopy module.

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