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Roadster Mods

I will say this about the handsfree phone – MINI did an amazing job with the noise canceling. My wife was on the highway, top down, windows up, windscreen in place, and I could hear her just fine. Sounded like a little running water in the background, but that was it. Super impressed by that capability.

Here’s my list of mods for the new Roadster, in general priority order:

  • Invisishield on the nose (done)
  • MINI license plate frames (done)
  • CravenSpeed Platypus front plate mount (done)
  • Short antenna (done) (MINI version but might have done CravenSpeed if I’d though about it more)
  • ScanGuage (done)
  • CravenSpeed mounts for GPS and ScanGuage (enroute)
  • Suspension, discussed ad nauseum in other threads. Summary: JCW Suspension if I can wait, Koni FSD, 19mm rear sway, and perhaps camber plates and control arm bushings if I cannot.
  • JCW Tune (not something you need of course!)

Items above have 95% probability, below are pure wishlist

  • JCW Aero kit side skirts
  • JCW Brakes

I had the strut brace on my JCW and did like the look for sure, although I didn’t drive the car such that I really noticed it. That might happen too in a moment of weakness.