Monthly Archives: March, 2005

How Not To Test Pointers

Pointer tests in the realm of implementation-dependent behavior

So, what’s wrong with this little snippet of code:

extern void *foo();

void *p = foo();
if( p > 0 )
printf( “Pointer is okay\n” );

When I saw this, my first thought was that I’d never seen that done, nor had I ever imagined anyone doing it.

The compiler apparently liked it just fine, but the behavior was not what the person who wrote that line of code expected – i.e. the conditional evaluated false on a non-null pointer.

According to H&S , the behavior in this case is undefined unless the pointers being compared point into the same array or structure.

Bottom line – don’t do that! The normal four ways to test a pointer always work.

if( p )
if( ! p )
if( p == 0 )
if( p != 0 )

(And, no, this wasn’t my code! 🙂

Kids Back To School


Well, the kids (except for this one) are on their way back to school.

Always hard to see them go.

Stuffed Animals On The Roadside

Today as I was driving home, I saw a bunch of stuffed animals spilled all over the shoulder of the highway. They were out of a really big cardboard box that had apparently fallen off of a truck.

So odd.