Interesting Links #1

Just a brief entry to mention some interesting websites I’ve come across lately (okay, lately might mean in the last 6 months…)

This is an interesting (if occasionally juvenile) manifesto on video gaming.  I agree with most of the points made therein.

The strandbeest is just really, really odd.

Some though-provoking stuff on careers, jobs and work (these words may or may not be synonymous in reality).

Need a way to get to a human from a voice-mail system?  Check this site out.

Looking for a new underground lair from which to hatch your nefarious plans?  I’d start looking here (the Bathstone Quarries):,,2087-1849406,00.html

If that’s on the wrong side of the ocean, this one might be suitable:

My friend Tim always thought that this was the future, as far back as 1981.  Technology has just about caught up with his vision:

Any of you who might be screenwriters might be interested in this software, especially as it works on the Mac as well as that other slightly more popular platform.

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